If you think birds are talentless, think again

May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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Aside from dogs and cats, birds can be great pets as well.


Some birds are more talented than others. They like to get attention and sure enough, they get their way most of the time because they are just too adorable.

A viral video on Facebook showed a compilation of videos of birds showing off just how talented they can be.

These videos have been posted by their owners and have been compiled by Daily Viral Stories.

Parrots aren’t just the only kinds of birds who can steal the show, some birds can, too.


In fact, these birds can sing and dance. Their owners surely are proud of their pets.

Some of the birds in the video compilation show off their ability to whistle and sing some of the most famous tunes.

One bird sang its own rendition of The Monster by Eminem featuring Rihanna. Another sang the first lines of the Carpenters’ classic song, Close To You.

It just shows that even animals can follow a beat and can be musicians just like humans.

A white bird on the video whistled along as it stood in front of a dog that was busy eating its lunch. The bird probably felt the dog needed entertainment as it enjoyed its meal.


Another one showed off it's dancing abilities while its owner was singing a happy tune.

One bird even knew how to do Michael Jackson’s most famous dance move, the moonwalk.

The social media users who watched the video were thrilled to watch these amazingly talented birds.

One user, Shannon Layne, commented and shared, ‘My husband's grandparents had a few birds. One would yell "come in" if someone knocked on the door.’

Josselyn Cruz wrote, ‘I love this bird singing! He’s/She’s so talented. I wish I had space in my home so I can buy this type of bird. Can’t get enough of this video.’

At present, the viral video has reached over 85 million views and 1.5 million shares.