Joke about an elderly man who refused young woman's advances

May 18, 2018
03:35 P.M.

This is a story of an old man's clever thinking and baffling spontaneity!


At a Chicago bar, an elderly man is having his drink all by himself. Just then, a beautiful young girl approaches and sits only a few seats away from him.

The man finds the girl extremely attractive and simply cannot pull his eyes away from her. It only takes a few moments before the girl starts to notice this and decides to approach him.

The man is unsettled by this and he is just about to apologize when the girl stares down his eyes and speaks to him in a seductive tone.

"For $100, I'll do anything you like, but there is one other condition," the girl says, gazing into his eyes.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

The old man is stunned by this offer and can only stare at her in surprise.


The girl then further explains that no matter how wild or extreme or unusual his wish might be, she would be ready to do it. But he has to follow her condition.

The elderly man then asks her what her condition was.

The girl continues to lock eyes with him as she says, "You have to tell me your wish in just three words and no more!"

The man is surprised. He takes a few moments to think it through. Then with a gleam in his face, he takes out his wallet and hands the girl ten $10 bills.

Looking at her square in the eye, the elderly man speaks with great brevity: "Paint my house."

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