Construction worker rescues kidnapped baby

May 19, 2018
12:33 A.M.
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An ordinary citizen came to the rescue of a baby hours after he was kidnapped.


Construction worker Colin Blevin became suspicious and confronted the kidnapper, Raymond Randy Gutierrez, reported People.

Blevin, who works at Ciarra Construction in San Jose, California, would have called in sick on the morning he ended up helping save a baby. He had to get to work despite the pain in his hip.

When he went to work, he crossed paths with a man who had allegedly stolen a car and kidnapped a one-year-old baby. Raymond Randy Gutierrez had driven about 90 miles in a Honda Accord with the baby in the back seat.

The 44-year-old construction worker spotted the car at about 7 a.m. blocking the entranceway to his workplace. He then asked the driver to move the vehicle.


He also noticed a baby in the back seat of the car.


“He moved the car and I pulled in. The back door was cracked open and I saw a baby. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know initially the baby was in danger and there was an Amber Alert.”

Colin Blevin, People, July 20, 2017.

One look at the car and the people inside, he knew something was off. When he got out of his car to lock the gate, Blevin saw Gutierrez attempting to break into another car.

Just then, a local woman, Mamas Ramirez, living next to the company’s yard, walked up to him and said that Gutierrez tried to hand the baby over to her.

Investigators revealed that Gutierrez stole the car from a driveway in Soledad, California. The missing boy’s father had left his car running outside his home and had gone inside the house to retrieve something. It was then that the man stole the vehicle along with the baby.


In San Jose, Gutierrez knocked on Ramirez’s home and told her that he had a baby in his car and he “did not know what to do with babies,” according to Soledad’s Deputy Police Chief, Damson Wasson.

Blevin confronted the alleged kidnapper by grabbing the car seat by the handle. He then told the man that he could not leave with the baby.


The construction worker took the baby boy out of the car and called 911 even as Gutierrez fled in the car. The kidnapper was arrested a few hours later in Salinas, California, on suspicion of vehicle theft, kidnapping, child endangerment, and possession of stolen property.

Blevin and Ramirez’s intervention at the scene earned them appreciations from everyone. Blevin became emotional when he was told that he was able to help unite a little child and his family.

Wasson added that if it was not for the good Samaritans, it was difficult to imagine how things could have turned out. Fortunately, it was a happy reunion for the family and the little boy.