'Roseanne' fans dumbfounded due to favourite character's addiction [Spoiler]

The television show Roseanne made headlines for its controversial stance around politics, but another hot topic was discussed during the most recent episode.

The plot twist took viewers by surprise and in Tuesday's episode, aptly titled Netflix & Pill, another side of Roseanne was revealed to the audience: her dependency on opioids. 

As reported by Pop Culture, Roseanne needs medication for the pain in the knee but unfortunately, the situation escalated and it is all too familiar to viewers. 

Twitter user John R Smith said 'and just like that, Roseanne got real.' He had always loved the show because 'it tackles real-life issues,' and the opioid crisis needs to be discussed. 

The show approaches the topic by having an intoxicated Roseanne ruin a special evening with her husband, Dan Connor. It was revealed that she took champagne with Vicodin. 

Viewers will recall from a previous episode that Dan struggled to get pain medication, and wanted to know from Roseanne where she found Vicodin, but she couldn't answer. 

Concerned, Dan waiting until morning to discuss it with Roseanne. At first, she resisted because she was in pain and needed another pill.

In a shocking turn of events, Dan revealed that he found medication hidden throughout the house, and some were even issued in her neighbors' names.  

She couldn't hide the truth any longer, and Roseanne revealed that the pain in her knee was unbearable at times, so she needed to "take a few extra pills." 

The family cannot afford surgery, and Roseanne felt as though she didn't have other options. Dan vowed to monitor her pill intake if she cuts back. 

Sadly, Roseanne reaches for another hidden pill bottle again as soon as Dan leaves the kitchen. The Roseanne season finale, titled Knee Deep, airs May 22 at 8 pm Eastern Time on ABC.

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