Singer felt herself getting nervous before an audition. But wait until she starts to sing

May 22, 2018
12:28 P.M.

This young woman had had a tough childhood as a result of unkind people around her, but she has a wonderful gift that she chose to share.


When Lucy Kay stepped onto the stage to audition for season 8 of Britain's Got Talent, her shaking hands gave away her nerves. But when the judges asked her a few simple questions, her true story came out.

The audition clip, shared to YouTube, shows the 24-year-old speaking to Simon Cowell, one of the judges, about why she moved to Glasgow. She had a fairly simple answer: to get away from bullies.

Her mother explained that Kay had been very young when she and her first husband had divorced, and it had left her young daughter with a severe lack of confidence. This is something that childhood bullies tend to pick up on.

Day after day, Kay faced their cruel torture at school, and quickly came to hate her life.

Her mother, devastated by what her child was going through, asked her what she would want to do, if she could choose absolutely anything. Kay answered that she wanted to sing, and so her mother organized singing lessons.

Finally doing something she loved, Kay's confidence started to grow, and her mother was ecstatic to see her flourishing.

Kay ended up moving to Glasgow when she completed high school, where she studied music.


With her story shared, the judges invited Kay to start singing. But no one expected the beautiful, soulful tune that she would produce.

Kay opted for a lovely piece of opera music, stunning both the judges and the audience with the control in her voice, despite her obvious nerves.

By the time she reached the end of her performance, the audience was on their feet giving her a standing ovation, something Cowell also decided she was worthy of.

It took some time to finally quiet the crowd enough for the judges to offer their opinions, by which point all of them had decided to put Kay through to the competition rounds.

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