Footage shows the moment police officer hits teenager with car before arresting him

The police officer has been stood down from duty after an additional footage emerged of an arrest in Perth’s south.

In the footage revealed by NITV News, a West Australian Police is seen hitting William Farmer, 18, with an unmarked police car recently. The incident left the teenager on the side of the road in convulsions.

The footage also indicates the police car crossing the road and cutting him off before knocking the teenage suspect to the ground.

The West Australian Police media gave a statement to NITV News that the matter was being investigated by police.

"The officer, a senior sergeant, was stood down from all operational duty pending the outcome of the investigation by the Internal Affairs Unit," the statement said.

Principal solicitor of the National Justice Project George Newhouse is giving legal support for Farmer's family.

He told NITV News: “The family want to see a very thorough investigation undertaken, and that appropriate measures are taken to ensure that this never happens again, and if it’s appropriate that criminal charges be laid."

“What I find particularly concerning about that image, is that as William is having a fit, instead of showing compassion and providing assistance, it appears that he's handcuffed. And that seems totally inappropriate and in fact cruel," Newhouse added.

He continued that the teenager has "never fitted before" and that his family is "incredibly distressed and concerned about his situation."

According to Newhouse, the teenager was just walking down the street when the police officer followed him.

"There was no need to apprehend him in this violent way, and we’re totally at a loss to understand how or why this incident took place and if it wasn’t on film I’m not so sure that you’d be seeing the intense investigation that’s currently underway," he explained.

Since the incident took place, Farmer has been going back and forth between the hospital and home for tests, Newhouse said.

In an interview with NITV News, Gerry Georgatos from the federal government's National Indigenous Critical Response Service explained that the collision was "deliberate".

"The individual was purposely knocked over by the police vehicle. Then he appears in a fit like state and instead he is maltreated further, flipped around while in a fit like state and handcuffed," he said.

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