Video montage shows dog playing nanny with baby

May 17, 2018
12:32 A.M.
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This pair are too sweet for words, and it's evident just from a quick glance that this pup loves his little human. 


Charlie the Beagle had a YouTube page set up for him in 2013 when his owners realized that some of the quirky things they had taught him would go viral. But since then, there has been another addition to the family. 

In a lovely video shared to Charlie's account, he and his owners' baby daughter, Laura Olivia, can be seen spending heaps of time together as Charlie ensure this tiny person is always safe. 

Before the birth of Laura, Charlie was taught a number of different out of the box tricks that most other dogs aren't. 


For most people, aside from the standard, "sit" and "stay" they tend not to train their dogs many commands to obey.

But for Charlie, he was learning how to help his humans shut cupboard doors and to bring them the television's remote right to the sofa. 

When Laura was born, Charlie was introduced to her right away. It wasn't long before the couple noticed that their fur-baby and their human baby seemed to have quite a strong bond with one another. 


And so they started teaching Charlie to help out with things when it came to their little girl as well. A quick study, Charlie was soon covering Laura with a blanket, and swinging her crib to help soothe her to sleep. 

While there are many things that Charlie had to be taught with Laura, the one thing the couple feels they never needed to teach him was how to love Laura with everything he has. 


The sweet pup is certainly very gentle with the little girl, licking her fingers clean as she sits in her high chair, or even slathering her face in sweet kisses. 

He also enjoys playing along with Laura while she's in her ball pit, or bringing her her favorite soft toy to cuddle as she falls asleep. 

Not only does he bring her toys to cuddle with, but on many occasions Charlie just cuddles up to her himself, showing just how good a dog can be for a baby to grow up with. 

Even when Laura accidentally knocks Charlie with her clumsy little fists, the pup is never aggressive towards her, proving that he is the perfect patient companion for her.