Woman mocked by emergency operator that she will die passed away soon after

May 17, 2018
04:04 A.M.
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It took emergency services five long hours and a second distress call to take the young girl's problem seriously. Unfortunately, it was too late.


22-year-old Naomi Musenga, of France, made a distress call to the emergency services but was allegedly mocked by the operator about her death. She tragically died about five hours later after making the call.

According to Daily Mail, Musenga had called to complain about severe stomach pains. The call that went for three minutes between her and the operator revealed that Musenga had clearly stated that "it hurts all over" and that she thought that she was "going to die..."

But after hearing this, the operator mocks her by replying, "You're going to die, certainly, one day just like everyone else."


The record of the call also revealed the operator mocking Musenga's complaints with a colleague and then telling her to call a doctor for a house visit.

Musenga, who reportedly was alone, called the emergency services five hours later and an ambulance was finally dispatched to help her. She was brought to a Strasbourg-based hospital in eastern France. She died from a heart attack immediately after arriving at the hospital.

Le Monde further confirmed that the reason for Musenga's death was multiple organ failures. The source also informed that the emergency services operator was dismissed from her position and is facing potential charges of 'failing to assist a person in danger' by the Strasbourg prosecutors.


The lawyer of the family, Mohamed Aachour, has also informed AFP that a lawsuit will also be filed against the doctors for waiting five days before carrying out an autopsy process. He claimed that the reason behind the rapid failure of her organs was yet unknown.

Aachour stressed that he wanted to know if the things would have been different had the emergency services taken a prompter action.