The story behind the boy who was missing for 13 years

A father was found guilty of abducting his own son and using false identities to hide from the police authorities.

Julian Hernandez, the child who disappeared from Alabama as a 5-year-old boy was found 13 years later in November 2015.

According to ABC News, he grew up under a false identity in Ohio, where he was living with his stepmother, a stepsister, and his father, Bobby Hernandez, who allegedly abducted him.

Julian, now an 18-year-old, was discovered when he tried to enter his Social Security details while starting the process of going to college.

He was first reported missing in August 2002 by his mother according to the Vestavia Hills police. The police authorities had always believed it to be a case of 'non-custodial parental abduction.'

The father was taken into custody in Ohio following Julian's discovery and he was charged with felony interference with custody, the source revealed.

Over the years, the authorities had many leads regarding Julian's whereabouts - from Florida to Canada - but none of them ended in success.

On November 5, however, the police got their strongest lead when Julian could not validate his Social Security number as both his father and he were living under false names.

ABC News quoted the Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls as stating, "My understanding is that he was applying to college, that there were some discrepancies in his Social Security number because both he and his dad were living under false names."

When the discrepancies became apparent, Julian sought the help of his own school counselor and found out that he was on the National Database for Missing and Exploited Children, the attorney further explained. Following this, they contacted the authorities to start a formal investigation.

The source further cited the court records and reported that Hernandez was being held on $250,000 bond in Ohio. Attorney Falls also claimed that he had been using the name of a dead person for his name.

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