Man displays impressive skill in the art of leaf weaving

May 22, 2018
09:28 A.M.
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With the right kind of imagination, any mundane object can be turned into an art form. This man is a shining example of it.


A man took a simple coconut leaf and after a few moments of carving and weaving it, he turned it into an impressive piece of decorative art.

A video uploaded on YouTube showed the man surrounded by several children showing them his unique talent of turning huge coconut leaf into wall decorations or toys for the children.

He uses a knife to carve the leaf and then folds the leaves into intricate patterns. At first, we cannot simply tell what he is building, but slowly a shape begins to form.


He continues to weave both sides of the leaf together and a shape resembling the body of a fish can soon be noticed.

After weaving all the loose leaves together, he uses his knife to cut down the excess parts of the leaves. He also trims downs the edges of the stem.

Before hardly three minutes have passed, the man completes his creation. It turned out that he had been crafting a fish after all.

The man then shows how best to use the spectacular piece of art by actually hanging it on a wall as a beautiful decorative piece. Alternatively, it might also prove to be a great play-toy for small children.

No matter how his craft will be used, there's no doubt that this man's talent is simply mesmerizing.