These dogs refuse to listen to their owners

Rebelander Basilan
May 18, 2018
12:24 A.M.
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These series of video clips show the pooches being advised to do things that they'd rather not.


This funny compilation was shared by NTD Funniest in November 2017.

The video begins with a white puppy who slumps down to the floor as the owner tries to prop him up on his paws.

Another one shows the brown canine that won't leave the house. The owner tries to get him out several times to no avail.

Yet another one shows a puppy staying put in a duffel bag while the amused owner attempts to coax it out.

Though the pup does listen to the owner at first, it jumps right back inside once it sees the bag is about to be put away.


The adorable dog in another clip refuses to move an inch no matter how much the owner tries to drag it away from its bed.


Then there's a video in which the owner tries to take away the blanket from his dog, but the dog aggressively holds on to the blanket.

One of the funniest videos is that when the dog sees the lake is just a short distance away, it instantly lies down on the grass and resists to get up.

The video compilation went viral, with 48 million views and more than 470,000 people sharing it with their friends and family.

It has also been liked more than 480,000 times and received 53,000 comments.

Facebook user Sandy Parsons commented: "All the dog posts are cute and funny but that dude blow drying the dog sure is goooood looking."


"So adorable and what cute little personality’s . This is what I’m happy about is when I see dogs or animals of any kind in a loving home," Kim Blount added.

Sarah Cullen shared her experience with their own dog. She wrote: "Took my dad’s dog to the vet for shots one day, we got in and when I tried to get him on the scale to get weighed he decided to bear hug the floor. The vet staff couldn’t stop laughing and neither could I. Biggest chicken dog with it comes to the vet and baths."

If you can’t get enough of these hilarious moments, watch the video for more.