Mother scared off a bear that attacked her 5-year-old daughter

May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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The mother’s instinctive reaction to the gory sight ended up saving her daughter’s life.


A Colorado mother saved her 5-year-old daughter from a bear attack outside their home near Grand Junction last Sunday.

As reported by WFSB, the girl stepped out of the house at about 2:30 a.m. upon hearing peculiar noises.

Suspecting that the sounds may have been made by her pet dog, she went out to check on him.

A while later, the mother heard loud screaming and rushed outside, which is when she found out that her daughter had been grabbed by a large bear.

The daughter cried helplessly as the black bear hauled her away. Horrified by the sight, the mother began yelling at the bear.


As Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Mike Porras later revealed, the mother yelled at the animal repeatedly, until it finally let go of the child.

The girl was immediately rushed to the hospital and is said to have sustained serious injuries.


Speaking to Aspen Daily News about the incident, Porras shared that the incident bore a striking resemblance to a mountain lion’s attack on a 5-year-old boy in 2016.

Porras added that wild animals on the loose like bears and lions generally hunt for other four-legged animals, however, they also put the lives of human beings in the neighborhood at risk.

The wildlife expert stated that in the case of the little girl, the bear would have pounced on the mother if she had surprised him in any way.

Another report by The Colorado Springs Gazette earlier this year notified readers about the possibility of a deadly bear attack in Colorado, primarily owing to the shortage of food for the animals.

Meanwhile, the officers of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department continue to investigate the whereabouts of the black bear.