Parents in video compilation cannot stop laughing at their babies

May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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They aren't always the easiest beings to deal with, but children sure make up for it with the weird and wonderful way they take in the world around them. 


In an adorable compilation video shared to Facebook, the cutest reactions of the smallest members of the human race were captured for all to enjoy. 

Babies and toddlers are still learning about the world and how everything in it works. They are developing their conscious and understanding, and often their first interaction with something can yield hilarious results. 

From one little one who doesn't quite understand his dad tapping gently from his nose down to his lip, to another who is utterly delighted by a passing car, the sweet little faces are an absolute delight to their parents. 


Also featured is a little one who just can't help himself as he dances along with his dancing toy, a little boy who is fascinated by the television's remote, and a sweet girl whose afro just wasn't made for a hair elastic. 

Another mischievous little rascal seems to have undone all the hard work associated with tossing laundry into a basket, and is parading around with what appears to be his father's sweater hanging over his head. 

One little one can't for the life of her figure out what the spinning lights in her toy are doing, and her facial expression is just too funny! 

There's also a music critic in the making - fair future warning, she's already decided she doesn't like the harmonica! 

It also appears as though there is a future baker in the making who is perplexed by his mother's electric stand mixer, but just can't help but sway along to its rhythm.