Cat looks completely dead but gives unexpected response when owner calls him

May 21, 2018
08:37 A.M.

This cat is certainly a playful one, pretending to be dead until its owner calls out.


The video, which was uploaded to YouTube by ViralHog, was shot last month in Brazil.

The cat was found in Janauba, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on April 15, 2018. The channel revealed that the animal was seen on top of a wooden bench.

The individual shooting the video initially thought that the cat was dead.

He then slowly lifts the cat’s head to check. There is no movement from the cat and its eyes remain closed.

The owner then drops the cat’s head, which falls back to its original place, indicating that the cat could be dead.

This continues for some time and the cat does not move an inch, nor does it show any sign of life.

On one occasion, the man holds the cat’s face towards the camera and one can see the animal’s eyes closed. It seems that the cat is dead as there is no movement at all.


A few seconds later, the man calls and the cat responds immediately. It lifts its head and looks towards the source of the sound.

Some cats are known to fake sleep sometimes. Michael W. Fox, in his book Cat Body, Cat Mind: Exploring Your Cat’s Consciousness and Total Well-Being, says that they get into a sleeping position when they are stressed out or to ward off threats.

They close their eyes but are could be wide-awake and only pretending to sleep.

The author says that often occurs at animal shelters. This also gives a cat a sense of calmness.

However, at home, where the environment is calm enough, the cats do not feel the need to sham-sleep.

They could be enjoying true rest and relaxation when they close their eyes.

Such behavior is common in various animals and insects. They could pretend when faced with some kind of danger.

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