Mom holds newborn triplets for the first time and one of the babies starts hiccuping

After giving birth to her triplets, the woman could not believe that she was already holding them in her arms.

Cache and Nick Gifford were already parents to two young children when they found out that she was expecting another.

Little did they know, they were going to have not just one, but three additions to their little family.

According to Share Tap, the couple tries their best to remain calm in taking care of their kids. 

Their eldest is a little girl called Albani, and her younger brother is Beckett, who they welcomed two years later.

Things were going great for the Gifford family. That’s why it came as a big surprise to them when two years after Beckett’s birth, Cache got pregnant again.

Nonetheless, they were thrilled with the news, and excited to welcome a new addition.

But they were in for a big surprise when Cache went to the doctors for a routine ultrasound. Instead of just one baby, Cache was stunned to learn that she was actually pregnant with triplets! 

During her pregnancy, she did her best to remain healthy for her unborn babies while still taking care of her two children 

When it was time to welcome the triplets, Cache was sent to the neonatal intensive care unit. 

Although the babies arrived a little early, they were all quite healthy despite the fact that they had to have heart rate monitors. Two of them also relied on oxygen.

The couple named their three baby girls Journi, Tatym, and Chezny.

Soon after she gave birth, Cache sat in a rocking chair. Pillows and blankets were placed around her to make it more comfortable, and, slowly, all three babies were laid in her arms.

The look of shock was evident on her but soon enough, Cache started giggling. Her three precious babies looked so comfortable in their mother’s arms even though one of them started hiccupping.

It was the first time that Cache held them together and the look of pure delight on her face was priceless.

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