Girl was unable to buy a new dress, so she turned a cheap one into chic evening attire

Pedro Marrero
May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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A High school graduate had to improvise a dress for her prom night and all she had was the simple dress her teenage boyfriend could afford to get for her, but she found her way to turn it into something incredible.


There are many moments when women don’t have enough money to buy a luxurious dress for a special occasion. It can happen to anyone, and at such times a woman feels there is nothing to do about this.

A woman in that circumstance might feel that her world is falling apart and she could end up thinking the best she can do is showing up at the event she has been invited to because of not having anything proper to wear.   

But this girl didn’t let her financial situation become an obstacle for attending her graduation party. She used her creativity and the resources at hand to find a way to dress up to celebrate her important achievement, Soy Carmín reported.


For her High school graduation, this girl took a $50 short dress and she added blue flowers at the bottom and added some glitter to them to turn it into an elegant evening attire.


As soon as she shared photographs of her amazing ensemble on Instagram, her friends became very impressed with the improvement she did to the simple dress her boyfriend had bought for her, and they congratulate her in the comments.

But the news about this girl’s initiative and the final product of her resourcefulness went on to receive thousands of positive comments and ‘likes,’ turning her into a viral phenomenon that was reviewed by many news outlets.


She was praised for her ability to transform a simple piece of clothing into a chic evening outfit.

She looks really happy in her graduation day pictures in the company of her boyfriend, and her friends have admitted that in spite of the garment’s origin, it looks like something out of a fancy boutique.

‘Ok since ppl inboxing me asking where she got her dress from. I found it on @fashionnova for her and she had the idea to add flowers at the bottom,’ her boyfriend wrote on his Instagram account.

‘That’s it, a $50 dress is all flowers was all it took. We both creative as hell,’ he added.