Man adopted sick Husky after owners said they 'weren't looking for her'

May 22, 2018
09:41 A.M.
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A dog abandoned by her former owners was lucky enough to find the care of a compassionate man.


A man found a Siberian Husky abandoned on the streets of Georgia and took the pup into his own care. He posted several photographs on his Imgur account showing how the Husky, named Freyja, was now enjoying her time with the new owner.

The man explained how he had found Freyja on the street with the nametag as well as the number of the former employees, but upon calling them, he got the answer that they did not want the dog back.

He then provided the required medical care for the pup so that she could recover. One of the photographs showed Freyja out to see the vet.


In the caption, he explained that the dog had heartworms, which might have also been the reason why the previous owners discarded her.

However, the man was more than happy to provide the much-required care for Frejya. His caption further stated, 'Fixable, pricey, but whatever, she's a good pup and worth it.'


Frejya is definitely lucky to have found a compassionate owner who takes good care of her despite being thrown away by her actual owners.

One of the photographs that the man posted on Imgur actually had an important message for Frejya's previous owners.

In a picture that showed Frejya being playful with the man, he wrote, 'Thanks for the house broken and fully trained Husky.'