Jeannie Mai stuns with her weight gain after ex-hubby's major announcement

May 22, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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The reality television personality has recently been working on her body in a very different way to what she normally does. 


Jeannie Mai of How Do I Lookhas been going through a divorce. And just as news hit that her ex-husband is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend not 6 months after the fact, the TV personality took to Instagram with some news of her own. 

Mai has always cut a tiny figure, weighing in at just 103 pounds to her 1.62m frame, which borders on underweight. 

But since she and Freddy Harteis announced their split, Mai has been working on her "revenge body." For most women, this means losing weight by any means necessary, including crazy diets and a strict workout regime. 

Mai, on the other hand, has decided to go the other way. 


She took to social media to share two image, side by side, of herself in the same gold dress. But there is a remarkable difference between the two images: she is significantly skinnier in the first image. 


"Staying 103 came from my self control to lose "chubby" teenage weight and a stressful idea that my body was built to look best "thin". As I'm nearing my 40s, I realize that I've been through so much mentally and emotionally,"she wrote.

She continued, explaining that she was overly controlling, and putting her body through too much unnecessary stress by trying to maintain such an unhealthy weight. 

Three months prior to posting the image, she had made a lifestyle change, eating and training differently with a goal to gain some weight. 

"I don't have a weight goal..just a promise to be as physically strong as I am mentally indestructable So far I'm 3 months of eating more, (clean protein and saying Yes to carbs!!), lifting heavy weights and truly loving all of Me."


The second image of Mai is clearly curvier and more voluptuous. 


Fans were ecstatic at the change, with the post raking in over 153,000 likes. The comments section was full of inspired young women who were cheering Mai on for the new journey. 

"You can tell you are happier by the look in your eyes in the current picture. You radiate confidence," wrote Tiffany.

Shona Sharma added: "This is amazing. Love the fact that you’re focusing on health and not necessarily a particular size."