Clip shows 105-year-old man holding 5-day-old great-grandson for the first time

Cheryl Kahla
May 22, 2018
04:49 P.M.
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 When parents Susan and Jason Zwolak welcomed their son a year ago, they wanted to celebrate his arrival with close members of their family. 


Their son, Easton, was only five days old, and due to his fragile state, one member of the family was nervous about holding him: Easton's great-grandfather, Pop. 

The close-knit family wanted Pop to be a part of his life so that Easton would also grow up with memories of this great-grandfather as Susan did. 

Susan convinced Pop to hold the newest addition to the Zwolak family. He reluctantly agreed. And the moving video was uploaded to Facebook for the world to enjoy. 


Pop was overcome with emotion when he held Easton for the first time. He still seemed a little bit unsure of himself but was beaming. 

Pop gently leaned forward and pressed his face against Easton's while embracing him. It was a memory that the family would certainly remember forever. 

A few days later, Jason shared another photo of Pop and Easton. The family was visiting Pop in Long Beach, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture the beautiful moment. 

'Another visit to see Pop today. He asks about him constantly and just lights up when he sees him. It's so nice to see.'


Jason Zwolak, Facebook, April 4, 2017. 


Jason's video soon went viral. Chereese Brown said she 'absolutely adores Pop.' She thanked Jason for sharing 'such a tender intimate moment' with the world. 

Jan Ellington said her father had just turned 94, and that he would be meeting his great-granddaughter in less than three months, while April added that the moment was 'so sweet.'

Theresa Jodouin said she could watch Pop's video 'all day long,' and added that the exchange between Pop and Easton touched her heart.