Husky enjoys first run of freedom after living life on a chain

Rebelander Basilan
May 22, 2018
05:03 P.M.
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A dog named Biscuit is given a new lease on life after being rescued by a kind-hearted individual.


As reported by Puppies Way, Amy Hines, the founder of Dogs Deserve Better, rescued Biscuit and 8 other dogs from a kennel without any roof. She then brought them to a field, where they ran freely for the first time.

Biscuit, a sweet Husky, and the other dogs spent the first 2 years of their lives tied up to a chain.

They were kept on lashes in a kennel without any roof and there was no place for them to go if it snowed or rained. They could not move as well.

As a result, the dog's paws were frostbitten because of the bad weather.


Luckily, Amy came across by where these dogs lived, in Kentucky one day.

Horrified by what she discovered, Amy knew that she could not leave these poor pooches there.

Amy immediately talked to the owner of the dogs and was able to take them to Dogs Deserve Better, where they rested in a warm bed and with a roof over their heads.


As soon as the dogs were settled into their new home, Amy took Biscuit and the other dogs to a nearby field. The dogs ran happily on the grass for the first time.

Amy noticed that Biscuit is not just sweet but intelligent as well. She even recorded his first run and published it on YouTube.


'Biscuit was lucky. His previous human realized that he was not living the life he deserved at the end of a chain. Now he has a second chance. PLEASE do not have a dog if it will live at the end of a chain. It is neglectful and potentially EXTREMELY dangerous,' she wrote.

She added:'Happy Tails, Biscuit! You will be cherished for the rest of your life.'

With the help of Dogs Deserve Better, Biscuit found a new home, where he will never be bothered about chained up in a bad weather again.