'American Idol' contestant sang a Journey song with Steve Perry sitting in the audience

May 23, 2018
11:51 P.M.
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Gabby Barrett gave her all as she sang Journey’s classic, Don’t Stop Believing. Little did she know, Steve Perry was watching her from the crowd. He said it was the best version he heard ever. 


Barrett is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter who joined American Idol in the hopes of fulfilling her dreams. In the latest episode – which was a two-part special – she had to sing three songs.

For her third song, Barrett sang a beautiful rendition of the 1981 hit, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

She sang her heart out on the stage and was greeted with applause from the crowd as well as the Idol judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan when she finished.

The cheering turned to gasps and screams when they realized who was blending in with the crowd. The camera panned over and showed a smiling Perry.


As it turned out, he had been hiding behind the crowd throughout Barrett’s performance. The moment Barrett saw Perry, she immediately ran towards him and hugged the iconic artist.

Perry expressed his awe of Barrett and her talent. Supposedly, he did not just enjoy her performance, he loved it.


Talking to Barrett, Perry said, “It was the most amazing version I’ve ever heard. Swear it. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you so much. And I got to meet your parents too – they love you. They love you!”

He then pointed to the judges and told Barrett that they love her and that he loved her too.


Later on, Richie shared a photo of them that was taken backstage on Twitter. Barrett also shared a Twitter update as well for all of her fans to gush over.

Barrett was also met with praise on social media for her performances.

In fact, KTVB’s Today’s Morning News anchor Maggie O’Mara wrote, ‘You have already won! Looking forward to seeing your amazing success in country music.’