Video shows sea lion stealing fish out of fisherman's hands

May 24, 2018
04:19 A.M.
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The sea lion was quick enough to grab the tail of the huge fish and snatch it from the man who was posing for photos. A viral video perfectly captured the entire scene.


Two men, who were said to be filming a show called Chef On The Water at Los Cabos for the Mexico Travel Channel at the time, posed side by side as each of them held monster fishes.

They were standing on the boat by the deck and had been showing off their big catches.

As both of them raised their monster fishes, a sea lion emerged from the water.

In mere seconds, the sea lion was able to snatch the fish from the man in black by biting the dead fish’s tail.


The man was left stunned as it took seconds for him to realize what just occurred.

A pelican standing by near the boat seems shocked as well but quickly gained its composure as if nothing happened.

The other guy, who is much older, laughed and teased the man in black for letting a mere sea lion take away his big catch.

He then jokingly said, “That’s a crime!”

In the end, they all just laughed it off, knowing that the sea lion had probably taken away the fish to somewhere far. 

Some YouTube users left funny comments about the video.


One user, Jon Matthews wrote, ‘The pelican is so casual about the fish theft. I bet he was in on it,’ poking fun at how the bird seemed unfazed by the fish stealing.

Amy DeWees, another user, shared that her family also met the sea lion and that he had become known to have stolen a fish once before it was about to be weighed in a tournament.

As told by local fishermen, the sea lion has been a casual visitor of the docks. He had been famously named Pancho by the locals.