Video shows doctor playing ukulele to young cancer patient

May 24, 2018
08:29 A.M.
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A doctor from Brazil demonstrated a unique way of helping his patients and keeping them happy.


Dr. Paulo Martins of Hospital das Clinicas at Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil, played a beautiful song on his ukulele to cheer up the patients.

A video uploaded on YouTube revealed how the doctor's music, played in the pediatric oncology ward of the hospital, enticed a little patient, Sophia, who had been diagnosed with a rare disease called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis.

The music-enthusiast doctor had brought his ukulele that day to cheer up the older patients. But when he began to play the song, Sophia hear him and started looking for the source of music.

Dr. Martins then played a song just for Sophia. The little girl was enthralled by this and began to dance to the beat of the music.


In the video, Sophia is first seen recognizing the doctor as the source of the music. She stares at him in awe trying to make sure what is happening.

Soon after, she lets her instincts guide her and begins to stomp her foot to the sound of the music, trying to break into a dance.


The good doctor continues to sing in his beautiful voice, further adding to the happiness of the young child, who then begins to sway her body and foot and starts to dance.

The people watching Sophia enjoy Dr. Martins' music are also overjoyed by the emotional sight. The medical experts and other audience continue to smile and cheer as the young dancer lets loose in the doctor's impressive melody.