Woman filmed baby Robins hatching in her garden

Rebelander Basilan
May 24, 2018
08:49 P.M.
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The video shows the gradual process of baby robins coming out of its shell.


Rebecca Petty discovered a robin inside her backyard in spring of 2012. The robin built a nest in a small tree.

From then on, while the robin was out looking for foods, Petty would regularly visit the nest. She would also took photos of it.

Then, one afternoon, she witnessed the first of the robin’s eggs was hatching. She immediately captured the moment on film.

Petty uploaded the 8-minute video recordings to her YouTube channel.

She wrote: 'Welcome to The Robin Chronicles. The back story is in the spring of 2012 a robin built a waist high nest in a small tree in my backyard. Every morning I would sneak out while the mother was gone looking for food and take a picture of the progress.'


'Luckily, one afternoon I caught the first bird hatching and filmed it, the mother was pretty mad at me during the 8 minutes of filming, but all the babies survived and flew away 4 weeks later. Very cool!!!' she added.

The video, which titled 'Baby Bird Hatching,' shows the process of a baby robin hatching and finally meeting the world.


It began with a single crack up until the moment its head appears from the shell entirely.

Posted on April 7, 2012, the video went viral, with more than 56 million views.

It has also been liked more than 86 thousand times and elicited more than 6 thousand comments.


YouTuber Dominus wrote: 'Awwwww it should be named Cute pie its so cute .'

'How cute lil' Robin baby got a liddo' blue egg hat. I Love the colors of the Robin Eggs. Reminds me of the easter candy,' Rich Bones added.

Stephan Vermette also commented, saying that the mother robin could have been aware of Petty's presence because there's a 'robin alarm call' in the background of the video.