Woman finds a stray dog who keeps burying the food she gets until she uncovers the sad truth why

This young woman loves dogs and looks at animals the way a mother looks at her children. When an animal needed help, she didn’t hesitate to do what was necessary.

When Megan and her boyfriend went on vacation to the Dominican Republic, they expected it would be like every other yearly vacation they’ve taken there. But this trip would be different.

“About 20 minutes in (to our trip), we’re, like, walking on the beach, and I was like … ‘I bet there’s a dog over there.’ And (my boyfriend) was like, ‘Don’t go over there, this is not why we’re here,'” Megan described according to Liftable.

The couple realized the stray was hungry and thirsty, so they brought a few hot dogs from their hotel buffet. Despite her hunger, the dog took the pieces of food and buried them before returning to lie down next to the couple.

Megan and her boyfriend realized that their new friend was hiding bits for later, in case she ran out of food. In that devastating moment, Megan pledged to figure out how to get her out of there.

One way or another, they were determined to give the dog everything they could. The first thing they did was to pick a name, so they called her Rhumba.  An organization helped get the dog to New York; and, after a long two weeks, the lucky dog arrived.

Rhumba recognized Megan right away. As soon as her kennel door opened, she jumped out and peed all over her old friend. “It was the best feeling,” Megan said on her Facebook post. “I’ve never been more excited to be peed on.”

Megan found that she was not able to say goodbye to Rhumba, and decided to make a permanent addition to the family. By the end of Rhumba’s first night in her new home, she had become best friends with the couple’s other two dogs, Pharrell and Rosie.

Until she met Rumba, Megan thought her love of dogs was capped by her two border collies. She has since learned that when it comes to dogs, there is no limit to the room in one’s heart.
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