Seven-year-old girl reunited with naval officer father

This little girl had been missing her father was he was deployed on duty, and had no idea the surprise she was in for. 

Hailey McGregor was just 7 years old in 2013 when her father was deployed overseas as an officer in the United States Navy. During the 7 months that he was away, McGregor became a big sister as her mother gave birth to a son. 

Struggling to adjust to life away from her father, and with a new baby at home, McGregor tried to focus on her school work and her cheerleading. 

One night at a game she was cheering for, something completely unexpected happened. In a YouTube clip, McGregor can be seen standing in her cheerleading uniform with her pom poms when suddenly she hears a familiar name. 

Over the loudspeaker, her father was welcomed to the game. Shocked and confused, McGregor first looked excited, and then started to cry. 

Not knowing what was happening she ran to her mother, who hugged her and pointed across the field. There, in his full Navy uniform, was her father! 

The delighted little girl ran across the field to meet him, pom poms in tow, and the father-daughter duo just held onto each other and cried and the reunion they had both been waiting so long for. 

"I've been dying to see her. I just couldn't wait to see her," the emotional father told the cameras as he held his daughter in his arms. 

It was a big night for the officer, who also met his 3-month-old son for the first time. 

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