Duchess Meghan did not forget to curtsy to the Queen

Prince Harry and Meghan exchanged their wedding vows in front of 600 guests. The ceremony was broadcast live and approximately 18 million Americans tuned in.

Unbeknownst to the blushing bride, she created a media frenzy when viewers observed that she didn't curtsy to Queen Elizabeth, as was expected. 

William Hanson, an etiquette coach, and columnist took to Twitter, concerned. He tweeted that if the Duchess forgot to curtsy, he would 'have to lie down for months.'

A few minutes later he informed his followers that she did not curtsy, and assumed it might be due to her US citizenship. He found the matter odd

Meghan did in fact curtsy to the Queen, but viewers were robbed of the particular moment. Time reported that cameras panned to a wide shot at the exact moment she curtsied. 

Hanson took to Twitter once again to apologize for his assumption. 'I stand corrected. Meghan did, apparently - directly after anthem just only captured by an overhead camera,' he wrote. 

Popular opinion states that everyone who meets the Queen should curtsy or bow their head. According to Queen's secretary, it is not always required. 

Dickie Arbiter explained in his book, On Duty With the Queen, that the tradition stem for times long when pedestrians had to bow when passing a member of the Royal family. 

'But there is no hard and fast rule, and if you can’t do it or don’t feel comfortable doing it or don’t want to do it, that’s fine.'

Dickie Arbiter, Telegraph / Extract from On Duty With The Queen, September 26, 2014. 

He joked that refusing to curtsy would not result in a person being 'sent to the Tower.' The rules are quite relaxed in this regard, even though citizens might disagree. 

As reported by Telegraph, members of the Royal family still curtsy to the Queen in modern times, however, they choose to do so

Arbiter went on to say that the Queen is 'very relaxed about it,' and that she wouldn't ignore a person who refused to curtsy to her. She is very understanding about the matter. 

Arbiter served the Queen for 12 years and was press secretary at both Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, where Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall currently reside. 

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