Harry’s first words to Meghan when she joined him at the altar

Prince Harry and now-Duchess Meghan’s wedding was filled with memorable moments that will be remembered for many years by everybody who watched the ceremony.

While seeing Meghan walking down the aisle alone and then being picked up by Harry’s father, Prince Charles, was one of the best moments, there was another aspect of the ceremony that attracted many people: Harry’s first words to Meghan.

In a four-and-a-half-minute video uploaded by Today to its YouTube channel, it was shared the entire process of Meghan’s walking toward the altar.

It showed many aspects of her almost two-minute walk, including the little pageboys and bridesmaids escorting her way. That group was formed by Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and other young children close to the bride and groom.

When Meghan was next to Harry and the group of her little companions passed her by, the best moment of the entire ceremony took place.

They looked at each other for a couple of seconds and couldn’t hold back their emotions as they were smiling and trying to avoid eye contact in a shy yet cute way. Then, it happened: Harry looked directly into Meghan’s eye and told her ‘You look amazing.’

As soon as he did so, he bit his lower lip and then both of them faced to the altar while the choir kept playing. Those words didn’t go unnoticed on the Internet as people used their social media accounts to share their thoughts on that moment.

One of them was Sarah Louise, a Twitter user. She uploaded a short video showing that exact moment and admitting that she was ‘sobbing’ because they looked ‘so in love.’

@ashbvnzo, another Twitter user, also captured the moment and uploaded to her account pointing out that his words and how he bit his lip were ‘too much’ for her heart.

Even though those were simple words that many other men tell to their partners on a daily basis, the fact that Harry did so during the wedding meant a lot. It was a clear sign that they are deeply in love.

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