Remember Judy Winslow from 'Family Matters'? She overcame drug addiction and has a look-alike son

Jaimee Foxworth, better known for giving life to Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter of the family on the sitcom “Family Matters” was cut off from the show after its fourth season, and eventually, her life gave a turn when she became addicted to drugs. However, the birth of her son helped her to overcome her addiction.

Celebritist was checking on the original cast of the ‘90s sitcom “Family Matters,” and we realized that the actress who gave life to the youngest Winslow has been keeping a low profile for years, so we went on to investigate about her life.

What we found out, is that Jaimee Foxworth, who was only ten when she first appeared on the show, had a pretty harsh young adult life as she struggled to find roles in television after she was fired from “Family Matters.”

Jaimee was away from the cameras for most of her teenage years, and later, she started a short-lived musical group alongside her two sisters called S.H.E. When that didn’t give any results, she starred in a couple of pornographic movies, as she realized it was easy money.

Her life spiraled out of control and soon, she found solace in alcohol and marijuana. Reflecting on her past mistakes, she appeared on an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” back in 2006, and she said:

“I couldn't hold my head high. I couldn't walk around and say, 'My name is Jaimee Foxworth' without someone saying, 'Ew,' or, 'We heard about you'. That's the most degrading part. I lost all my confidence. I lost all my self-esteem. I lost friends. I lost some family members."

However, when she found out she was pregnant with her first child, Jaimee realized she had to change her lifestyle in order to take care of her baby, and she did the only thing she could at the moment: pray for a healthy baby after promising to leave her addictions behind.

Her son, Michael Douglas Shaw was born in 2009, and since then, Jaimee has become a full-time mother, enjoying every single moment with her look-alike son.

She said:

“Being a mom has helped me in the best ways possible. It’s made not worry about the tabloids, not worry about the comments that I see online ad to put all my love and all my strength and dedication into raising my son the way a young man should be raised.”

She recently shared an adorable photo of the kid, and fans are amazed at how much he looks like her.

We’re glad to know that little Judy was able to overcome such difficult moments in her life with the help of her son. She is the proof that addictions shouldn’t define someone’s life forever and anyone can overcome these situations with the right mindset and willpower.

Did you know this about Jaimee Foxworth?

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