Omar Gooding shares photo of his growing son in black outfit

Omar Gooding, the brother of world-wide famous Cuba Gooding Jr., took to his Instagram account to share a photo of his son, Bradley.

In the picture, the toddler was wearing a black outfit while staring and pointing at the camera with his index fingers. One of the aspects that captured more attention was the mischievous facial expression Bradley had.

The proud father took his time to joke about it captioning the post with ‘No man you! YOU!’ Behind Bradley, Omar’s house garden could be seen. In it, there was a small playground so Bradley could play.

Since Omar, 41, comes from a talented and successful family, he has multiple skills in the genre of art and cinema. So far, he has worked as an actor, singer, rapper, voice artist, and comedian.

When Omar was only ten years old, he was discovered by the Coralie Jr. theatrical agency, reported Wikinetworth. Soon after that, Omar was sent to Cuba’s agency so he could pick up a script and see if he had the innate talent to be an actor.

Despite the fact that he didn’t have any proper theatrical training, his audition was a success and, from that point on, he started taking many acting gigs. One of the first projects Omar worked on was the Nickelodeon series Wild & Crazy Kids (1990).

Apart from that, he appeared in many other TV series including Touched by an Angel, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Smart Guy, Cousin Skeeter, and Playmakers. Omar was so talented that he was chosen to appear in several movies, as well.

The most important ones are Ghost Dad, Baby Boy, The Gospel, and The Devil’s Dozen. At the moment, Omar is one of the principal stars of the TV series Family Time, which has been on people’s screens since 2018.

Even though Omar doesn’t share much of his private life, his Instagram posts suggest that he is in a relationship with a lady named Mia, who is the mother of Bradley. They have not revealed anything about engagement or marriage plans.

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