Remember Denise from 'Full House'? She is all grown up and has a look-alike son

She must have been a minor when she acted in Full House,  but Jurnee Smollett's antics as Denise — Michelle's ever-adorable partner in crime — are memorable for all the right reasons. She is all grown now with a look-alike son. How adorable are these two!

Denise, real name Jurnee Smollett, had heady Full House days over a decade ago. This one role brought out her acting prowess and put her in the limelight to be the star she is today. While some remember her from her days in the show, most of us met Jurnee in other shows and loved her just as much.

Let’s take a short journey into the actress’ life.

Life in the Full House wasn’t that much different from her reality since she is the fourth of six, with all her siblings involved in some form of art. In fact, her brother, Jussie Smollett told the New York Times that they refer to themselves as the "Smoll Nation" because — in Jurnee's own words — they have their very "own culture."

Jurnee's brother Jussie remembers his sister’s modeling and acting talent shining from when they were pretty young. “At a year old, she was like a mix of Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor. She was boss from the beginning.” When she took her talent to the next level with Full House, it was only a matter of time before the rest followed suit.

Not all the Smollet kids chose to stay in the entertainment industry. Jojo, a sister, works at a nonprofit, while Jocqui's part of a tech firm and Jake is a chef. They are all still close and supportive of each other and what they do. They are so great with each other that they rallied behind Jake on a Food Network six-part series named Smollett Eats.

Jurnee talked to Buzzfeed about her time in the show.

“Full House was the first time I had ever been in front of a live audience. I said a line I had rehearsed with my mom and they laughed. It was wild. To have that energy of the live audience was like, Whaaat? Feeding off that live audience was, to a 4 or 5 year old, a high.”

Great family, isn’t it?

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