Sheriff pulls over James Corden and Adam Levine during 'Carpool Karaoke'

May 28, 2018
08:33 P.M.
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While driving along for one of the most popular segments of his show, they suddenly heard sirens blaring next to them. 


James Corden had Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine as his guest for Carpool Karaoke, when the pair were suddenly pulled over by the police. 

The pair had been grooving along to some of Maroon 5's earliest hits, and the singer had even demonstrated his incredible balancing skills when suddenly they seemed to be in trouble. 

The segment, shared to YouTube, showed the cops racing down the lane next to them to pull level with their vehicle, before flicking the switch to turn the sirens on. 

Corden was instantly in a panic, confused about what the police could possibly want from them as they innocently sang along to music from the Songs About Jane album. 


He rolled down the window, still driving, and asked the police officer what the problem was. The officer jokingly responded that he wanted them to pull over so that Levine could sing for him! 

Corden pulled the car over, and the policeman pulled up next to them, and just reminded them to be careful and to concentrate on the road as well as the singing. 


Levine laughed and joked throughout the entire encounter, leading Corden to wonder how he could be so calm with the cops pulling them over. 

Later on in the segment, Levine and Corden headed to a racetrack to test their driving skills against one another.

While Corden is a first-time racer, Levine is a motorsport enthusiast, and knows his way around a track himself, so Corden challenged him to complete the circuit while answering general knowledge questions.