Video shows toddler using dog as step stool to get to fridge

Ksenia Novikova
May 29, 2018
04:13 A.M.
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The furry friend readily helps the child but does something unexpected in the end.


In a funny video shared by Viral Hog, a toddler is seen mounting on his pet dog to open the fridge and get a glimpse of all the stored food.

Wearing a diaper, 2-year-old Maverick tries to make his canine friend Leroy an accomplice in his mission to discover the contents of the refrigerator.

Realizing that he is too short to reach the door handles, he climbs up on his adorable basset hound. Leroy seems to be happy to oblige and finds stable ground as Maverick steps on his back.

Maverick stands on the dog on one foot and one knee and manages to open the right door of the fridge, much to the surprise of his mother, who was capturing the video.


The little boy glances at the food inside the fridge in awe. But this fascination lasts only a few moments before he decides to open the left door, too

The toddler steps down, and this time tries to climb on the neck of the dog, aiming his hand at the unopened door. This attempt lasts a little longer than the previous one, and the dog patiently waits for his friend to find balance.


After trying for a few seconds, Maverick successfully climbs the neck of the dog and opens the fridge door wide. He seems to have forgotten that he is standing on Leroy, as he seems lost in his discovery.

Baby Maverick gets comfortable with the view and the cool air coming from the fridge, but Leroy has something else on his mind.

Just when Maverick rests his elbows on one of the trays of the fridge, Leroy plainly starts walking away from under him.

The unsuspecting toddler is jolted by the dog’s movements and quickly balances himself with his arms on the tray.

Leroy seems to have no second thoughts, as he continued to walk forward without looking back at his partner. Maverick saves himself from a fall and tries to land on the floor as softly and slowly as he can.

The hilarious ending may have caught the baby off-guard, but it certainly seems to have amused the mother capturing her little son’s adventure.