Elderly couple caught on film dancing to the beat of 'Uptown Funk'

May 29, 2018
03:03 A.M.
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A video of a Texan couple busting out dance moves to an acoustic version of Uptown Funk went viral on the internet.


Keith Mullins, an artist, uploaded the video on YouTube of the elderly couple dancing at The Inverary Resort on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Shared on August 31, 2016, the video showed everyone what it really means to be young at heart as the two danced at the restaurant.

The couple, who were on a vacation in Canada, decided to go to a restaurant near their resort to enjoy some live music. Mullins was playing at the restaurant and the couple knew they would be entertained.

Mullins said that he had asked someone to record the couple dancing, while he sang the hit song as a one-man band, also playing kick drum, tambourine, harmonica, and the guitar.


The couple had their dancing shoes on for the acoustic version of Mark Ranson and Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk. Both of them got up from their seats and danced to their heart's content. Everyone watching them at the restaurant and those who watched the video were touched by their performances.


Many have commented saying they wish they share such a fun relationship full of love and friendship with their partners in their old age.

Drema Bell, a YouTube user, said, ‘I love this couple. Hope this is me at their age!’ Others commented that they were impressed with the man’s fancy footwork.

Speaking to CBC, Mullins said that the couple, who seemed to be in their 80’s, danced for about for four or five songs. They had walked into the restaurant and said they came in only to dance and wanted to know if they could stay if they just ordered some water.

The video has been watched over 330,000 times on YouTube and the artist is glad it made people’s day since it made his night as a musician.