Kourtney Kardashian & Kendall Jenner show off toned bodies rocking skimpy bikinis in new photos

Kardashians and Jenners are well endowed and perfectly toned and they know it! The girls never miss out on an opportunity to remind us all how beautiful they are, and we don’t mind it judging from all the love they receive on their social media platforms.

Kendall Jenner and her older sis Kourtney Kardashian went out to pay in the water for Memorial Day and had to bring back photos for proof. They looked absolutely gorgeous in their barely-there bikini but is not up to us at Celebritist to decide who looked hotter than the other. They both killed it!

Though it’s not yet summer, the sisters decided to bring out their string bikinis and take steamy photos while lounging on inflatable jetskis to remind you to keep working on your bikini body.

Each of the sisters brought their A-game and was the best in their own way. Kourtney is an enigma. Three kids later and all her 39 years, she still looks great! Her slender figure is undeniably enviable especially knowing that most women her age struggle to keep off the pounds.

Kendal is the model of the moment and so she knows just how to strike the perfect pose. Being 22, she can still eat whatever she wants and still remain as slender as she needs to be for her modeling career.

While the Kar-Jenner clan was having its moment, news emerged of their brother Brody Jenner tying the knot in Bali. He is reportedly shunning the Kardashians, in this case including is younger sisters, Kylie and Kendal. An insider told Hollywood Life that he considers them more Kardashian than Jenner.

“Brody hasn’t invited any of the Kardashians to his wedding, and that includes Kylie and Kendall, whom he views as more Kardashian than Jenner, despite their last name. Caitlyn [Jenner] is invited, as Brody remains close to her, he’s actually been really supportive of Caitlyn’s transition, as has his mom Linda[Thompson]. Brody hates all the drama that goes along with the Kardashians, and he thinks they’re all really phony. He doesn’t want the most special day in his life to be turned into a big old Kardashian circus, that’s just his idea of hell.”

Yikes! Do you agree with Brody’s sentiments?

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