Kim Fields' sister Alexis steals hearts with photo of grandmother & her great-grandkids

Alexis Fields, Kim Fields’s little sister, and former actress is now officially retired from the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to share bits about her life with her fans. Fields recently shared an emotional photo of her great-grandmother with her kids, days before she shared sad news about the lady.

Celebritist learned from Alexis Fields’s Instagram that she is a lucky woman as she was able to introduce her kids to their great-grandmother on her dad’s side. Even though her mother always kept the mystery around Alexis and Kim’s real father, it seems like the actress has a good relationship with the man these days.

In the adorable photo featuring her beautiful grandma and her adorable kids, Alexis’ daughter is holding some gift bags, probably presents they bought for the lady on Mother’s Day, and Alexis explained the significance of the photo in her caption as she wrote:

“This picture means so much to me. My babies with their great-grandmother. My grandmother. My father’s mother.”

She was able to reunite her grandmother with her children just days before the classy looking lady passed away, as Alexis sadly informed on her Instagram account.

Despite her loss, Alexis continues to smile as she’s also enjoying watching her father interacting with her family. The identity of the man is unknown, but he seems to have a strong bond with the former “Sister, Sister” actress.

These days Alexis is working as an interior designer, and she recently expressed on a post that despite her struggles with the job, she feels blessed to be able to help people fix their home, offices or any other space with her creativity.

“I am by no means the perfect designer. Not even close. It’s a process. But the thing I am enjoying most about this journey is my growth and determination. Through every challenge, every tear (there are lots in private) and every success, I am encouraged to keep doing what I love to do. I’m grateful for each and every opportunity to utilize my creativity and hopefully, bless someone’s home in the process.”

Alexis is doing an incredible job as a designer for what we have seen, and the fact that she’s a working mother that splits her time evenly between her kids and her passion deserves some recognition. 

We’re happy to know that Alexis’ kids were able to meet their beautiful great-grandmother, and we send our condolences to her family for her loss.

Do you remember any of the series in which Alexis Fields worked?

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