Video compilation shows precious moments between dads and their kids

May 30, 2018
10:30 A.M.

The video features three clips that capture the bond fathers share with their children.


NTD Funniest shared the video on their Facebook page about a year ago.

Many may remember the classic game from their children when an adult “pulled” off their noses. They would also remember that the noses were still intact after the trick was performed.

A similar game is played as the video begins. A little girl had an unexpected reaction when her father performs the trick on her.

She is a little scared at first when her father tells her that he was going to pull her nose off. She starts crying the moment her nose is pulled.

She has an amazing reaction when she sees her “nose” in her father’s hand.

The little girl is excited and congratulates her father on doing a “good job” even as the parents laugh at their adorable daughter.

The next clip features another little girl who looks shocked when her father is ready to eat a toy insect.


The girl thinks that her father is putting a centipede inside his mouth, while in reality, the insect is nowhere close to his mouth.

When he finishes ‘chewing’ it, she cannot believe her eyes. With her eyes and mouth wide open, she takes a good look at her father’s mouth to see if the insect was really eaten.

The father immediately removes the toy that is resting on his shoulder and hides it in his palm. He then removes it magically from his mouth again. She is shocked and is pointing at her father perhaps telling that he performed a brilliant piece of magic.

The final clip is for those fathers who have tried tying their children’s hair. They know that it can be a daunting task.

However, there is one person who has developed an ingenious way of handling the messy situation. He uses a vacuum cleaner to do the trick for him.

The machine pulls the hair and the man quickly ties it together with ease. The man gives a smile as if he had just completed a routine task.

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