Terrence Howard brightens up the day with video of son & wife wearing luminous 'Darth Vader' mask

Aby Rivas
Jun 06, 2018
12:06 P.M.
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Terrence Howard has been having the time of his life lately, enjoying the success of “Empire,” where he gives life to Lucious Lyon, spending his free time with his wife and kids and eventually, scaring some of his die-hard fans. He recently shared a hilarious video revealing that his wife is now implementing two “very effective” forms of birth control.


Celebritist was lurking around Terrence Howard’s Instagram account to see what the “Empire” star has been up to lately and we stumbled with a funny video he shared with fans and that we’re sure his wife was not happy about.

In the clip, Terrence speaks directly to the camera in the darkness while telling fans:

“I don’t know if you all can see me, but, my wife has implemented two new forms of birth control, and they are very, very effective. Let me show you.”


The actor then proceeds to enter his room, where his wife, Mira Pak, is resting on the bed with what we and many other fans on his comments can describe as a “Darth Vader” kind of mask. The device is some sort of skincare routine, but its glow was enough to weird out Howard.

Sleeping beside Mira, was their eldest son Qirin Love, who was born in 2015. 


Howard was clearly referencing to both the boy and the mask as his wife’s new forms of birth control, and after showing the fans what he meant, he simply stated:

“I think I’m going to sleep downstairs.”


Terrence’s fans were amused as they left comments in the post like:

“cincinnatiqueen: No you didn't put this on Instagram!!! She is going to kill you!!! LMAO!!”

“mariamyers4194. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen LOL. ... and she is going to be so mad at you..... get a good nights sleep!!!!”

“julie_ann_moolie: LMBO! That's what U get for scaring people...hahaha.”


The third fan is referring to Howard’s recent source of amusement, which is scaring some of his die-hard fans for his new TV show “Terrence Howard’s Fright Club.” A haunted-house themed prank show in which he makes some of his most loyal fans rethink their love for him by scaring them with some elaborated spooky stunts.

Howard is clearly a very funny guy, and we’re glad to know he has such an incredible sense of humor, even though Mira was probably not amused once she found his husband put her on the internet wearing a weird mask.

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