Pet groomer opened her store at midnight to care for abandoned flea-ridden dog

May 30, 2018
11:05 P.M.

A woman stated that the dog was in the worst condition she had seen in all her years. And she couldn't wait until morning to help.


Kari Falla, who own BGE Grooming, opened her store overnight to help an abandoned dog that required urgent help with its matted fur.

According to Inside Edition, Falla saw a Facebook post that called for help regarding a lost and flea-ridden dog that required urgent expert attention.

Falla told the online source, “They said they found it on the side of the road and it almost got hit by a car. They couldn’t keep it for the night and the woman was looking for someone who could.”

Looking at the pictures, Falla realized that the dog was matted in the worst possible way and was in a dangerous condition. She could not wait until morning to reach out to the woman who called for help on Facebook.

She invited the woman over to her shop agreeing to keep it open over the night. Only just an hour later, the woman arrived with the animal and Falla performed an emergency grooming.


Where it takes her normally an hour-and-a-half to do a proper grooming, this particular dog took over three hours of grooming before it was free from all its matted fur.

Falla explained how dangerous it can be for the dog when it is matted this badly. It can "cause its blood flow to stop as well as bruising to the dog," she told.


She could also tell from the pictures that he hadn't been properly groomed in over years. She called the situation an extreme case of "neglect."

After Falla properly shaved and bathed the animal, it started wagging its tail and was seemingly happy. She knew right then that she had done the right thing, and it even "made her cry."

Falla stated that it was the worst case she had seen in her entire career.

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