Bride got married in hospital to share last dance with dying father

May 31, 2018
04:22 A.M.
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Lisa Wilson and Robert Pantoja’s wedding video went viral after she changed her original wedding plans so she could dance with her ill father.


CBS2 reported that the California woman finally tied the knot in a hospital room on August 22, 2014.

For many brides, the highlight of their wedding is the father-daughter dance. It was the same for Lisa, who was devastated when she learned that her father cannot attend her wedding.

She really wanted her father to be present when she exchanged her vows. Hence, she canceled her original wedding plans.

The wedding venue was changed to a hospital room as Lisa and Pantoja tied the knot a week earlier than planned.


She said that it was not what she had in mind since she was young. However, she could not fulfill her dream because her father, David Wilson, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Lisa decided to have her wedding in his hospital room at UCI Medical center in Orange so that her dying father could attend.

The bride had another dream. She wanted to have a wedding dance with her father.


Lisa said, “I asked him, ‘I said daddy I want to do my father-daughter dance with you.’ He said, ‘I can’t dance’ and I said, ‘You don’t have to. I want to dance with your hands.’”

Her dream came true as the two danced for the song I Will Always Love You. It was a special song for the special occasion.


After Lisa and Pantoja were pronounced husband and wife, the bride’s father had something to say to his son-in-law. David looked at him and said that he was a lucky man to have married his daughter.

The couple decided to upload the emotional video to YouTube and it instantly went viral. So far it has garnered over two million views.

Unfortunately, David lost his battle with cancer less than two weeks after the wedding. He passed away on September 2, 2014, surrounded by his family.