LL Cool J's tattooed son, 28, tightly embraces his little sister, 17, in touching photo

May 31, 2018
08:24 A.M.
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Family is all about love and LL Cool J’s son showed this in a recent photo where he is holding his sister in a tight embrace. Well, he was actually being cheeky and photo-bombing and she doesn’t look all that amused. Still, big brother passed his message to the “clowns.”


LL Cool J’s son, Najee Laurent,  let his sister’s likely admirers know that he was pretty muscled and watching in a recent photo that was posted on Instagram. “When you peep your baby sister doin it for gram; so you interrupt just to remind these little boys, It’s all fun and games until I kill the clown ..” he captioned. Message received, we say, noting that Najee has the muscles to strangle if it came to that.


Najee is not LL’s only child. He has three sisters; Nina Simone, Samaria Leah, and Italia Anita. His father was born James Todd Smith on 14 January 1968 and has been rapping in block parties since he was 13. He recorded his first single when he was only 16 and dropped his first album at 17, which went gold in a year. He was always an old soul, he said.


“I never really felt like a kid, though,” he says. “I remember my eighth birthday, just walking down the street, feeling completely present. By the time I was 17, I had bought my mother a house. That’s bizarre, looking back on it.”

LL Cool J never had an easy childhood. His father shot his mother during an altercation, but she survived and recovered. His dad fled and the two were left all alone to care for each other. He found strength in rap music, he said.  “Rap music definitely made me feel more empowered. In the ’hood, you’re sitting in it like hot-dog water. It takes a certain amount of tenacity and creativity to pull your mind out of that water and dry it off.”

The rapper has been married to Simone Smith for over two decades. When she was diagnosed with bone cancer, he stopped everything to care for her and even joined charities that advocate for finding a cure to the killer disease.

Now you know LL Cool J better.