Woman shocks her devious husband by appearing alive at her own funeral

Pedro Marrero
Jun 01, 2018
02:12 A.M.

Noela Rukundo returned to Burundi to attend a family funeral and discovered that her husband had arranged to have her murdered.


According to an ABC report, a woman that comes from Burundi but is currently living in Australia has told how she shocked her husband by turning up at her own funeral after he had paid hit men to kill her.

Balenga Kalala, from Kings Park in Melbourne's north-west, paid kidnappers $7,000 via Western Union to abduct his de facto wife of 10 years and mother of his children, Noela Rukundo, while she was visiting Burundi to attend a funeral of a relative.

Distressed by the day’s events, she had retreated to her hotel room, but after a comforting long distance call with Kalala, her husband suggested she go outside for fresh air.

Within seconds of leaving the hotel, she felt unsafe and suddenly, she said she saw a man move towards her in a menacing way. He soon revealed a gun and told her to get into a nearby car.


Once inside the car, she said she saw two other men sitting near her. They covered her head with a scarf and took her for a ride, which she said lasted at least 30 minutes. Then, they pulled her out and took her inside of a building where they tied her to a chair.

When the men told her about her husband’s plot, she didn’t believe them, thinking that they were lying to her. She could have never imagined that her husband of 10 years would betray her that way.

“You’re a fool,” they said to her, the hitman then called her husband, who issued the order to “kill her” while on speakerphone. It was clear now for her that Kalala was the one behind the entire nightmare she was living that night.


Luckily for her, the men hired to kill her did not believe in killing women, and they knew her brother. They explained that they would keep the hit money and tell her husband that she was dead.

Well-wishers cried and offered condolences to Rukundo’s husband, Balenga Kalala. What the mourners didn’t realize was that Rukundo was still alive and she was sitting in a car just outside the home, watching mourners come and go.

When she spotted her husband, she stepped out of the vehicle. “Is it my eyes?” she remembered him saying in horror. “Is it a ghost?” He said. “Surprise! I’m still alive!” she joked.

“I’m sorry for everything,” he said. But it was too late, Kalala was arrested, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine years in prison for incitement to murder.

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