Dad filmed son's emotional reaction to receiving baseball bat for his birthday

Jun 01, 2018
12:04 A.M.
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The video showed Devon Fowler’s surprise for his son who was upset his father had forgotten his birthday.


Fowler captured the emotional reaction of his son and shared the video on YouTube on July 25, 2016.

The video begins with the father and son walking towards their car for “a big game.” Fowler’s son seems sad that his father had forgotten his birthday.

The young Fowler, with jersey no 27, did not get any wishes or presents on the big day. His father was excited about the big game his son had that day.

Dejected, the boy sat in the car while his father feigned ignorance. Little Fowler hides his face with a cap obviously upset with his father’s carelessness.


Fowler then tells his son to get something from the trunk of their car. 

The boy sees a long cardboard box and immediately realizes that it is his birthday present. When he opens the box, he has tears of joy rolling down his cheeks. It was the bat he always wanted.


The father says that he has not forgotten about his child and that he wants to see some home runs. He asks his son not to cry and make him emotional as well.

The boy runs to his father and hugs him. He even poses with the bat, still crying throughout.

About a year later, Fowler uploaded another video on his YouTube account. The one-minute-long video is shot during his son’s game.


His son hits a home run and the ball is caught by his father. What made it a ‘priceless moment’ was the fact that it was the same bat Fowler gifted his son for his last birthday.

The father screams excitedly after catching the ball while still filming. The man had made sure he was there for his child at the important events of his life.

The video went viral garnering over a million views and hundreds of comments. Many called him ‘the best dad,’ while someone else called him a role model.

Many users commented that he ended up crying watching both the videos.