Sweet video of boy, 8, helping an elderly woman up the stairs breaks the Internet

Jun 04, 2018
01:59 A.M.
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It was a random act of kindness of helping an elderly woman by eight-year-old Maurice Adams Jr. that has taken the internet by storm.


WSB TV reported that a resident of Milledgeville, Riley Duncan, shot a video of the boy helping a woman up the stairs and shared it on Facebook on May 29, 2018.

Duncan said he did not know the reason the young boy stopped traffic and hopped out of his car. As he pulled out his camera, he realized the Adams Jr. was trying to help a woman. 

He decided it was a moment that deserved praise for the eight-year-old boy.

Adams Jr. was with his mother, Contricia Hill, and his sister in their car. They were returning from a high school graduation when they saw the woman crossing the road.


The family began talking about the elderly woman. She was crossing the busy road alone, that is when her son asked her if he could go out there and help her up the steps.


He got out of his car, held the stranger’s arm as she slowly took each stair. The video shows the young boy helping the woman lift her walker up each step. He also places one hand on her back to keep her steady.

When they finally reached the top, the woman hugs him and thanks him for his kindness. The youngster is seen smiling before he hops down the steps and back into his mother’s waiting car.

Hill was unaware that someone was filming the special moment. However, she felt proud after seeing her son’s good deed on the internet.

“It’s touching. It’s very touching. It just shows respect and raising your kids right goes a long way.”

Contricia Hill, WSB TV, May 30, 2018.

The family does not know who the woman was. However, Hill revealed that the stranger had a short message for Adams Jr. When they reached the top of the steps, she told him that he was special.

 The video has been shared over 23,000 times since it was first uploaded on Facebook.