Woman caught on video shaving her legs in a public pool full of children

Jun 04, 2018
05:18 A.M.
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The talk show co-hosts voice their opinion about a viral video that showed a lady shaving legs in public place.


ABC's popular talk show, The View, discussed a viral video uploaded on YouTube that showed a woman shaving her legs at a public swimming pool full of children.

The panel of hosts on the show, including Whoopi Goldberg, unanimously labeled the video as disgusting and questioned as to how such action came to be so normal for the lady.

The video that was also played during the show revealed the woman taking the footage screaming, "Oh my God! This lady is shaving in the pool! I hope she don't shave her hoo-ha next!"


The video was originally uploaded on Reddit, from where it got viral on the internet and social media. So far it has gathered over 55,000 upvotes and 1,600 comments, according to Fox News.

Talking about the common swimming pools signs such as "No diving" or "No running," one of the co-hosts, Sarah Haines, joked, "When did we get to the point that just because it's not there, you think you should do it."

Similarly, co-host Joy Behar also commented on the situation saying that the lady's act must make the people who "pee on the pool" feel better about themselves.

The video reminded another co-host of another disgusting situation, which she suffered on the subway near her. She revealed how a man was clipping his nails and she seriously considered recording him and showing it on the show.

But she stopped herself from recording because she realized she would feel bad about publicly shaming a person on the show.