Here's a handy way to get your underwear back to dazzling white

Jun 05, 2018
09:10 A.M.
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Everyone wants to keep their clothes looking shiny white for as long as possible. This is particularly true when it comes to underwear. 

With this recipe here’s no reason for anyone to be content with stained or tarnished clothes. The perfect white so often dreamed of is possible, and all with just a simple trick.

The best of all is that the recipe for this treatment is made up of common items most likely already in the pantry closet, making this a relatively cheap fix. The main ingredient for this is baking soda.

This is a substance that is known to everyone, and it has been used to clean and remove stains from all kinds of surfaces for many centuries, according to an article published by students of the University of Wisconsin.


In fact, the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute recommends it to remove grease and food stains from any kind of fabric. 

Source: YouTube\Elena Matveeva

White garments tend to lose their perfect color sooner than any others, particularly when the items in question are underwear. Because the fabric is so delicate, harsh bleaches only cause damage. 

It is for this reason that this particular recipe is useful, because it is comprised of all natural, gentle ingredients. 

All that is needed to get white underwear back to its sparkling self is the following:

- Warm water


- A plastic container

- 1 tablespoon of baking soda

- 1 tablespoon of detergent

- 2 tablespoons of salt 

Fill the plastic container with warm water and mix all the ingredients on it. Stir until it becomes a homogeneous mixture. Soak the stained piece of clothing for 15 minutes. If it is a very bad stain, leave it for 30 minutes. 

Scrub the piece of clothing inside the container, but be careful not to stretch it. Then wash down the mix from the clothes with clean and warm water, and hang it to dry.

While this works wonders on underwear, it also works well on other white garments that have picked up stains from use, and will help them to last longer.