Elderly dog owner gets creative in the rain with plastic bag and straw hat

Jun 05, 2018
11:44 P.M.
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An elderly man from the Philippines did not want his pet to get soaked in the rain, he improvised a make-shift raincoat and got a hat for the white dog.


Alilee Shalom Galilee recorded the special moment of a man protecting his dog from the rain. Galilee was with her husband at the Agdao market in Davao City, Philippines, when she noticed the old man with a bike and a white dog standing beside him.

Galilee was intrigued by the sight and front of her and focused her attention on the dog. She knew the rain was getting stronger and she felt bad that the dog was going to get soaked in the rain.

Just then, she was surprised when the old man lifted the dog and put it in the basket in front of his bike. The dog did not panic and just sat still.

Shortly after, the man took out a plastic bag and tied it around the dog. It was supposed to cover the dog as a raincoat.


The man also had a hat with a string and put it on the dog as well. The dog seemed very calm on the video and seemed to understand what its owner was doing.

Galilee was amazed at the man for the love and care he had shown his pet and decided to upload the video, which became viral with more than 800,000 views on YouTube.


The woman said that she intended to share the video to inspire other pet owners to love their pets just as much as the old man showed how he loves his dog.

Galilee also shared that they have a dog in their family and they don’t refer to their pet as just a dog but as their youngest daughter. They named her Samson. Want more stories like this? Visit our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.