Woman shares heartbreaking story about 'blue stain' in carpet after son's tragic death

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 06, 2018
07:03 A.M.
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A mother, Heather Duckworth, couldn't get off the blue stain on her carpet caused by her son's mischief. The stain lived on. Her son didn't! 


Duckworth shared a lengthy post on a Facebook page called Love, Faith & Chaos along with a photo from 14 years ago. The photo showed her two-year-old triplets and their four-year-old brother happily smiling in an embrace.

Duckworth was devoted to her family and her house and strived hard to keep her house spick-and-span.

She recalled an evening followed by an exhausting day. After her children had their dinner and baths, the boys spent some time in the play area before their beds were set.

Duckworth's husband was doing the dishes while she was busy putting the toys away. She was eager to put her boys to bed and enjoy a deserving sleep Suddenly, Duckworth heard one of the boys exclaiming 'Uh Oh!'


She looked back and saw one of her triplets had managed to get hold of a blue pen and held it while the ink flowed out of it rapidly.

The ink fell on the child as well as onto the carpet. Before Duckworth got hold of the pen back, a considerable amount of ink had seeped into the carpet.

Duckworth felt frustrated with herself for not being able to keep the pen away from her children's reach. She called her husband for help and took her toddler for a wash.


She said that she was not angry at her son but was livid with herself for not keeping things in the right place. She felt that she was a failure. Her feeling was stronger because the family had moved into the house just six months back.

When the couple tried to get the stain off the carpet, they failed miserably. The next day they called the cleaners to remove the stain but they too failed to remove it completely.


One month later, her son, who had splattered the ink on the carpet, was diagnosed with cancer. He lost his life two years later but the blue stain remained on the carpet. It reminded her how her life was messy.

Duckworth added that the messy things in her life were worth living for. They come from living, loving, learning and growing. They are a blessing in disguise and would prefer a million stains if she could get one more day with her son.

Duckworth has one more daughter. She recalled the story of the blue stain when her daughter was making the house messy with slime. Read more stories about love and family on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.