Baby's confused to see his dad's changed face

Jun 11, 2018
12:35 A.M.
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The video shows a confused seven-month-old Anistyn Claire refusing to meet his father’s gaze when she saw him for the first time without his beard.


Justin Marshall from San Antonio, Texas, posted his daughter’s reaction on YouTube on July 18, 2016.

Facial hair can make a person look completely different. Marshall was transformed so drastically that his own daughter failed to recognize him without his beard.

A viral video shows what happened when Anistyn Claire was put on her father’s lap after he had shaved.

The video begins with little Claire playing peekaboo with her father with his beard intact. She is seen laughing gleefully as he peeps out from behind a blanket.

He plays the same game after shaving off his beard completely. The toddler is confused and does not recognize her father’s clean-shaven face.


She takes a few moments and tries to identify him. But she gives up, dropping her head and averting his eyes. She refuses to meet his gaze even when he pulls her in for a cuddle.

Marshall attempts to console her, however, the Claire bursts into tears. Her mother is heard in the background saying that her father probably wants to cry about it too.


The father had grown his beard for many months after his layoff in the oil industry. He mentioned three reasons for him to shave off his beard.

The most important reason was that he had an interview he was scheduled to attend. The other reasons were that his wife pointed out that she 'liked it much shorter’ and that Claire liked to pull on it.

He said that he and his wife decided to have a little fun and captured their daughter’s reaction.

He added, ‘After getting a haircut and a fresh shave, we started the recording and the rest is history! We thought it was hilarious so we shared the moment with the world!’