Sherri Shepherd warms hearts with photo of son proudly showing off his school project

Aby Rivas
Jun 06, 2018
01:50 P.M.
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Sherri Shepherd is a dedicated single mother and she makes sure everyone knows that by mentioning it in every single photo she shares with her teenage son. Jeffrey is growing up with everything he needs, but there’s another child in Sherri’s life that doesn’t have the same luck.


The actress/comedian might be busy traveling around with her stand-up comedy shows, but Sherri always makes time to spend with her 13-years-old son. In one of the recent photos she shared of the boy on Instagram, Jeffrey stands proudly while showing off his Mythology school project about Hercules, or Heracles, in Greek.

Sherri wrote in the caption of the picture:

“School projects... means no #sleep for parents. #singlemom #workinghard #hercules #lovemyson #teenager”


Shepherd recently reflected about how much her son has grown in the past years, as she went out to see a musical with him and he behaved according to his age, as she expressed in her caption:

“Date w Jeffrey to see the Musical @schoolofrock ... prayed for this day when we could just hang out glad the terrible 3s & temper tantrums are over!”


The boy had some developmental delays after being born prematurely and needed physical, speech and occupational therapy through his childhood. Now, Jeffrey has shown his advances by featuring in Sherri’s Instagram once in a while, speaking and communicating clearly with her and her fans.

They share the same birthday and recently celebrated by spending time together exchanging gifts and jumping in a trampoline, and Jeffrey couldn’t look happier of having Sherri as his mother.


But there’s another child in Shepherd’s life that doesn’t have the same luck: a boy born through surrogacy while she was married to Lamar Sally. The baby is not blood-related to Sherri, but she signed the papers agreeing to take care of him when the surrogate was chosen. So, a court ordered her to pay for child support even after she divorced Sally.

Sherri agreed to support the boy financially, but she decided not to be a maternal figure for the boy, as she explained in an interview with Dr. Oz last year:

“He never has to worry about anything as long as I'm working. He's on my health insurance. He's got a life insurance policy in case anything happens to me. He'll be taken care of the way Jeffrey is. I've just chosen to take myself out because I think it's worse for a child with two parents not getting along."


Many people have criticized Sherri for her decision, while others agree she has all the rights to erase herself from the life of a boy who’s not related to her in any way.

She does take care of her son Jeffrey and we’re glad to see the boy growing up and becoming such a smart, sweet young man in front of our eyes.